It’s all in the stars. Whether or not you live and love by your horoscope or incredulously brush it off as superstition, your inner beauty is your superpower. Feed your star traits with beauty products formulated to amp up your chakras and elevate your vibrations to your optimal frequency with our curated collection of glow-inducing makeup. And if you subscribe to the notion that beauty is only skin-deep, you’ll be happy to know that every purchase benefits a woman-focused nonprofit. To learn more about our partnered charities, click here. To learn more about how your astrological sign influences and is reflected in your beauty look, keep reading!

Your qualities:
Passionate, impulsive, inspirational.

Try: A daring lip.

Get CXO Demi-Matte Liquid Lip in DAREDEVIL to express your fiery traits. Powered by Tourmaline, everyone’s secret weapon in conquering the Monday blues. Tourmaline eliminates stagnation and aids in curing melancholy and increasing mental and physical vigor.

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Your qualities:
Intellectual, curious, aspirational.

Try: A turquoise lid.

CXO EYECONS in JOAN OF ARC eyeshadow is the key to getting high-impact pigment that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all. It’s creaseless, weightless, and looks like a veil of a thousand diamonds dancing upon your browbone. Go ‘head, wink at ‘em.

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Your qualities:
Grounded, practical, rational.

Try: A celestial glow.

The CXO AFTERGLOW PALETTE is our signature blush and highlighter duo. Just one sweep of other side imparts a dewy glisten that picks up just the right amount of light to light up your cheekbones and rosey up your glow. Powered by Nephrite, the ancestor of all minerals, this gem is known for driving away tiredness and clearing the mind – perfect for you down-to-earth angels.

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Your qualities:
Intuitive, emotional, sensitive.

Try: A light-reflecting gem gloss.

CXO Gemstone Gloss in GOOD VIBES is packed with luminous crushed pearl and coral, both precious gems of the sea. Considered talismans of arts, spirituality, and inspiration, these gems impart a supernatural luminescence that’s pretty otherworldly. Embrace your inner mermaid and try it for yourself!

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