Beauty junkies everywhere are always on the hunt for the next best thing in makeup. We should know, we count ourselves among them. So when it came time for us to develop a line of beauty products, we already knew what we were looking for:

  1. Makeup that was ethically made and cruelty-free.

  2. Formulas that felt luxurious, looked amazing, and enhanced the wearer’s natural beauty instead of hiding it.

  3. An opportunity to unite women all over the world to come together to crush causes and support incredible female-focused nonprofits.

The rest, as they say, is history. Gleaming, glittering, radiant history. ✨

We tested out lots of formulas that fit the bill for our high-pigmented lip color in a liquid form. We wanted a sexy demi-matte finish, which is not easy to accomplish. Some of our favorite liquid matte formulas were watery, hard to control, and left lips feeling cracked and dry. Other formulas were too glossy and sticky, difficult to wear and didn’t last as long we wanted. After rounds of revisions, trial and error, we finally landed on the perfect liquid lip – not too matte, not too wet, with moisturizing avocado oil and light-catching particles derived from crushed gems like pearl, rose quartz, amethyst, and coral. Yum!


We wanted to make sure we hit every color family, and we wanted to explore fun and flattering shades that complemented a range of skin tones.



A rosy pink that looks gorge on everyone paired with a luminescent shimmer highlighter to make those cheekbones gleam? Again, we put a lot of work into sourcing a formula that felt soft and buildable on the face but delivered a pigment payoff that we felt proud of. Of course, you can expect powerful light-reflecting crushed pearl and rose quartz to level up your radiance!


Can we just say? We feel pretty damn good about this makeup bag we designed. Vegan leather was a non-negotiable, obvi. And so was an origami folding design that could undeniably double as a super cute clutch purse if it had to! The two largest zippered compartments feature a gold mesh (it’s all in the details, baby) transparent lining so you don’t have to dig for your makeup in the case of emergency touch-ups, and the hidden center compartment is perfect for storing tampons, mascara tubes, eyeliner, and lip pencils! Especially the ones that you want to keep your bestie from “borrowing”!

We know, we can’t believe they’re vegan, either. When we conceived these brushes, we wanted to mimic top-of-the-line bristles that felt like a dream on the skin, except we wanted no animals involved in the process. It was super important that they performed like professional-quality brushes as well, as synthetic tends to eat up more pigment than it delivers, contributing to uneven eyeshadow and worse – product waste.